VBS 2014 – A Success!

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Dear Church Family,

Seven of our youth participated in a mission trip to San Antonio working with the Door Missions Group. It was a challenging and fun experience for them as individuals and as a group working with a homeless shelter, a disabled children’s facility with some manual labor, bible study, prayer and group building.

I have a vision for youth ministry that is sustainable, healthy, and moves youth on a path of discipleship to Jesus. Our youth program has made significant strides over the past year in that direction thanks to the Youth Ministry Renovation Team (YMRT), committed parents, volun-teers, MBBS hosts and active and willing youth. The model of youth ministry that the YMRT has adopted is a sustainable youth ministry model. What that means is that youth ministry really belongs to the whole church family, is volunteer based, and requires buy-in from par-ents and youth themselves.

We are moving into a sustainable and healthy ministry pattern that looks like this:

Every Wednesday during the school year: MBBS (Mystery Bus Bible Study)
Every Sunday: Sunday School
Every Month: Fun group building event (these have included: hiking, camping, bowling, mini golf)
Every Summer: Youth Mission Trip
Every Winter/Spring: Confirmation Class

The YMRT has also been working hard at creating structures and guidelines to follow for all of the above so that there is not a con-stant learning curve. They are doing a great job.
A sustainable ministry model does not depend on a paid youth director. The sustainable model requires high volunteer involvement, parent buy-in and youth ownership.
As the sustainable model becomes our church culture and the high expectations for parents, volunteers, and youth become the norm, then we can make any future staffing decisions based on what best serves our church culture and understanding of youth ministry.

We continue to need your participation, your feedback, and most of all your prayers.

Pastor Clint (August 2014)

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